The EASP-WHF01-ANT is a wideband HF vertical antenna, mainly intended for use with ALE and frequency hopping capable transceivers, for HF radio voice and data communications.

The EASP-VHF01-ANT operates in the 1.6 MHz to 30 Mhz frequency range, providing a typical return loss of 10 dB minimum (SWR 2:1).

Working principle is based on a unique design of coupling the low output impedance of the transceiver (50 ohm typical) with a high impedance, vertical radiator. A fully passive network, made of a mix of lumped and distributed elements is employed in order to maximize effciency and mantain reasonable losses.

The radiator element is galvanically short circuited (DC) with ground, in order to assure suitable lightning protection.

The EASP-WHF01-ANT is a self-standing whip antenna made in epoxy-fiberglass with an aluminum mounting base. The mounting base utilizes the standard drilling template used for shipboard antennas. Custom pattern are available as well.



Minimal maintenance requirements

High Reliability, suitable for tough environment

No tuning devices


50 ohm coaxial feeding line

High RF power, continuous duty

Rugged epoxy-fiberglass whip elements

Aluminum mounting hardware

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