The Elesia Air Cooling Unit EL-ACU-1000, feature a really innovative approach in the design of high performances air conditioned equipment, it is rugged and suitable to work in harsh environment (high temperature, high humidiy, shock and vibration, etc.).

The heart of innovation is represented by the hydraulic circuit of the cooler which uses modern nanotechnology for the construction of some components (i.e.: condenser and evaporator). The two above-mentioned components are essentially heat exchangers (heat sinks).

The technology used in these components is based on metal foam treated with graphene (Patented). The final result is a system with great effciency (>150%, compared to conventional systems).



High power cooling capability

2U height (19” rack)

> 1200 BTUs @ 50 °C

Rugged and lightweight




Compact and lightweight

High effciency

19” rack std, 2U

Low footprint

Low noise

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