Elesia delivers turnkey and custom made integrated ESP (Electronic System Packaging) solutions for hostile environments.

The ESP may include a computer, a mass storage memory, an LCD display, an operator console, a 19” rack, a military shelter, etc. Also a vehicle for special operations, an electronic system on board of an aircraft or a ship, all of these products have a structure and/or a beamed frame, which holds them together and makes them immediately recognizable.

Elesia can offer to system integrators and OEMs a quick, custom and cost effective time to market, whatever the operating environment is looking like and regardless of hardware architecture.




Rugged, ultra-lightweight, durable, maintenance free

Suitable for harsh environment like military, transportation, heavy duty industrial

Custom configuration

Large range of standard and custom configurations

High degree of EMI shielding by means of proprietary thermal spray process (Pat. Pend.)

Thermal Management (passive and active cooling)



Low cost maintenance


Fully modular and configurable

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