Regione Lazio has launched an important program to effectively support the companies’ competitiveness in the new global economy. For this reason Regione Lazio has allocated about 150 million to encourage the adhesion of companies from different sectors fostering the collaboration between basic research and companies.



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The project foresees the use of advanced materials and nanotechnologies (graphene) for the design and production of innovative BPs (Battery Packs), intended for the electric mobility and aerospace sectors. The project will be focused in the realization of Battery Packs equipped with a smart BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System), together with innovative battery’s chemistry.




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The project is an ATR (Air Transport Rack) enclosure for equipment – systems – electronic equipment for the aerospace sector. The project aim is to significantly improve the characteristics of the product through innovative design and the use of new composite materials, new manufacturing processes and new enabling technologies.


TEF and students: Survey results.
We decided to conduct this survey when it became clear from readers ‘ reactions to our TEF-related posts, which constitute the overwhelming majority.
The fact that the lack of interest first seemed to be a complete lack of awareness: The students were not interested in reading about the TEF because they had no idea what it meant or what it had to do …
Do the students know what TEF is?
You’ve heard of the TEF?
Do you know what TEF is?
It’s not just that, but it’s boring.
When we asked respondents to describe in a few words what they were.
It seems that only a handful of remarks have left what has actually led to this common misconception is that it is about teaching or rethinking teaching:
-I’m thinking about teachers ‘ fees, but honestly, I have no idea, except …
-Guidance on effective training?
-A good way of teaching and what to look for in answers …
-I think the teachers are getting a confession for their work …
-The network frame is a certificate for a candidate who wants to be a teacher …
-I didn’ t hear about that before I took the survey. I’d like to know more about it, especially if it affects my own lecturers …
-Framework programme for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching. Know distinguished specialists?.
TEF and tuition fees.
We followed, asking students if they knew.
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Before reading this, did you know about the connection between the TEF and the increase in tuition fees?
This suggests that a large number of those who already knew what TEF was not aware of the scheme used to justify the increase in tuition fees ..
Some even said they thought TEF was a good idea until he found out that it was a school board connection:
-As for the ranking scale-a good idea, the idea of a malfunction that is growing according to this rating is completely elitist and unfair. In addition, the increase in tuition fees is currently not available!.
-I agreed with what TEF was doing until I saw that it would increase the charges without me! They’re already high enough.
And many said that universities were already recharged and suggested that TEF be used to get their socks off so that the students would get their £ 9,000 per year:
-It’s supposed to be a routine practice, not giving universities an excuse to pay up! Students are paid enough to be of high quality teaching in the first place ..
-Universities have to offer a golden standard of education for the price they are currently charging, TEF should benefit the students by letting us know we get it. What he doesn’t have to do is give universities the opportunity to extort financially vulnerable students …
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